Property and Casualty Claims

As your risk management authority, our highly experienced and dedicated team facilitates prompt claims reporting. We analyze policy language and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, making sure you’re always ahead of the curve. We’ll diligently follow up with the insurance company representative assigned to your claim regularly until the claim is concluded, always keeping you informed of the status. This is the Trumpet promise!

Trumpet ensures the proper reporting of lawsuits related to insurance claims. We’ll handle everything from the moment you’re served. In addition to managing the claim to completion, our team is here to offer guidance to help eliminate the risk of violating your policy conditions or jeopardizing your coverage.

Claims Reporting and Litigation Support

Claims Reporting:
We do things differently by customizing claims review procedures to meet your exact needs and objectives. Our team is always ready to take on investigate claims no matter how complex the coverage issues are and provide detailed reports on the accuracy of those claims.

Our mission is to help you establish a strategic action plan that helps close open claims and arrange and attend meetings to resolve coverage disputes once and for all.

Litigation Support:
Having handled thousands of litigation cases, our team of professionals has the experience you need. We welcome your “what if” and work tirelessly to guide you towards the results you’re looking for. With Trumpet, you gain peace of mind knowing that you’re are doing everything you can to protect your employees, colleagues, and yourself.