Dave’s ashes are still in the Sally’s pantry

Dave’s ashes are still in the Sally’s pantry

As time goes by, in the event that children are in a position, she’ll take Dillon and you can Stacie so you’re able to Attach Olympus to spread out the dad’s remains.

Rick Woody, now 46, sits inside the dimly lit, paneled family room, watching the fresh new row of images that range their mantel.

History spring season, Rick agreed to enable it to be federal and state government to share with you Kacie’s tale inside a national energy named “Simple Photos” to practice police officers and you will inform mothers – no matter if he’s not ready to listen to the storyline within its totality

You will find his spouse, Kristie, the girl hitting have framed because of the a mass of black, tumbling curls. And there is Kacie, exactly who owned an identical soulful vision and secretive, close-lipped laugh.

“I have experienced a myriad of ideas,” Rick states, his face unreadable. “I have gone through new sour stage, the latest thinking-Jesus stage, in which I’ve questioned, ‘How are you willing to bring my wife after which turn around and need my young girl?'”

He knows the newest irony within this tragedy – that man who turned into a policeman to help anyone else wasn’t here whenever his own girl called for your very.

In June, the fresh new FBI presented Rick that have certainly one of a hundred commemorative patches affect Kacie’s identity. This new blue-and-silver area portrays a teddy bear resting alongside a computer. “Kacie Woody, 1989-2002” was printed on the pc monitor. FBI agencies and you can local police officers who happen to be section of the newest Innocent Photos task force commonly wear the spots. (more…)