Perhaps one of the most well-known and you will steady relationship of the comics is actually anywhere between Rick and Andrea

Like most suggests and you can videos based on choice origin matter, the television show remains correct on the comics in manners, but in others, it veers away from by itself, unique path – especially when you are considering romance. Let us have a look at a listing of ten lovers out-of the latest comical series that don’t exists throughout the television program.

ten Rick Andrea

Brand new couple’s connection begins with an urgent hug. With missing so many people close to your, Rick is actually 1st hesitant, but the good thoughts among them conquer their anxieties.

He could be into the a relationship for some time, with Andrea becoming a father or mother-shape to help you Carl, up to Andrea are tragically bitten because of the good walker. She succumbs slower towards injury if you find yourself not as much as Rick’s attentive eye. Rick are devastated by loss, and rests at the side of this lady grave just after her passing.

9 Carol Tyreese

Regarding the span of the fresh new inform you, Carol has grown from a frightened, abused homemaker, so you can a strong, determined survivor, but whom she is on tv show is extremely various other out-of the lady character in the comics. The woman is mentally weakened and insecure, and you can desperately has to slim with the anyone else getting support.

Tyreese is that help system for her. He handles the lady individually and you can mentally, until she discovers that he’s cheating on her behalf. Heartbroken and you can already unstable, Carol dies by suicide whenever she on purpose feeds by herself so you’re able to a walker.

8 Tyreese Michonne

Tyreese can serve as Carol’s guardian, lover, and you will shoulder so you can shout toward, but it’s an excellent draining jobs, in which he doesn’t have that move to getting support himself, due to Carol’s mental imbalance. Michonne provides him relationship and you may morale, but this woman is also more prepared to fulfill his real need.

Michonne seduces him at prison, but Carol happen to captures him or her throughout the intimate second. Michonne and you may Tyreese keep their matchmaking and you will move into a cell together with her, but he or she is afterwards slain by Governor.

7 Andrea Dale

Throughout the reveal, Dale was a sweet, elderly child who have a tendency to will act as a pal and you may dad profile to Andrea, particularly following the heartbreaking loss of the girl aunt, Amy. The guy knows when to feel empathetic if in case to push the lady, and he facilitate her as a consequence of the girl sadness and her fight with becoming self-destructive.

The active about comics increases above and beyond the father/girl thread. Andrea starts out the comics from the twenty-five-years-old and you may Dale are 68, however, that will not avoid their dating out of lasting on romance. They have an intimate relationships, as well as proceed to follow a few orphaned guys with her.

6 Carl Lydia

Carl Grimes died just before Lydia is actually actually lead on show, however in the fresh new comics, they understood one another perfectly. The latest mistreated, runaway child of your chief of your Whisperers turns in order to Carl to have comfort, and they’ve got intercourse.

Carl gets extremely defensive more this lady, however, Lydia acknowledges in order to him you to definitely she isn’t crazy about him, hence she only really wants to end up being loved ones. In the inform you, their dating is changed because of the the girl nice however, destined love that have Carol and you can Ezekiel’s kid, Henry.

5 Morgan Michonne

Michonne’s earliest like in the comics was Tyreese, and this woman is that have your until he could be cruelly conducted by brand new Governor. The woman 2nd relationship is with Morgan. The connection are rocky on occasion, primarily because of Morgan’s guilt. Morgan is actually tormented by suffering over the loss of adultspace their guy, and you can discovers challenging to allow himself delight.

Just after Morgan try bitten from the a beneficial walker and Michonne should place him off, she admits in order to Rick you to definitely she really liked Morgan and you will states one she would features planned to possess an existence which have him if they had been given the chance.


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