That it resulted in the notion of Zoisite with an unrequited like to have Endymion becoming appealing to admirers

Sailor Aluminium Seiren and Sailor Lead Crow had been revealed from the comic strip to share with you a good prickly friendship in which Direct Crow is protective out of, and exasperated by, the new scatterbrained Aluminum Seiren. Certain admirers took Lead Crow’s affections for her working lover since the facts for them being lovers, and evidence of this lady having an enthusiastic unrequited fascination with Aluminum Seiren. Such admirers and possibly claim that you can find parallels anywhere between this type of emails and you will Zoisite and you can Kunzite – in both cases brand new reduced educated of the two are murdered because of the its commander despite the pleas of one’s more experienced you to, incase the greater educated of the two later died it titled from the other people’s title.

Luna and Artemis

Regarding French dub of the cartoon, both Luna and Artemis was women once they basic appeared, and that required that they were lesbians. But not, Artemis is actually afterwards named a masculine when you look at the subsequent periods.

Male Homosexuality

As show’s protagonists and antagonists have been generally women, particularly in brand new later tale arcs, several males were showed while the gay on show, more so on cartoon continuity than elsewhere.


Allow me to share emails which have a homosexual intimate orientation which was clarified in one or more variety of the fresh series’ cannon.

Kunzite and you will Zoisite

Both of these Shitennou had been exhibited just like the gay couples regarding the cartoon, and it is said during the passage into the musical Sailor Moonlight – Gaiden Ebony Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen (although it is actually remaining unclear into the later musicals). Zoisite is actually displayed once the young, a whole lot more younger of the partners a number of from his steps he did to possess his frontrunner and you may lover Kunzite. The two spent some time working with her to the multiple times and you can Zoisite used the suffix “sama” (?), a beneficial suffix which implies great admiration, when discussing Kunzite. When Zoisite try killed, Kunzite offered your their last like to “to pass away fantastically” and you will encircled him which have plants; the guy in addition to kept a large grudge facing Worst Prince Endymion who he held accountable to own Zoisite’s demise. When Kunzite passed away, the guy titled out Zoisite’s name. not, the manga failed to introduce the 2 in this white, as well as the Product Collection relates to its matchmaking to be alot more in that way regarding brothers.


From the anime, Fisheye was showed in much the same so you’re able to Zoisite (because a keen effeminate gay man), plus in truth was perhaps a lot more effeminate than simply Zoisite. Fisheye wasn’t when you look at the a stable relationships and over the category from Sailor Moonlight SuperS is interested in multiple guys, also Mamoru Chiba; the guy along with was a frequent mix-dresser and you may aren’t pretended to be a girl so you’re able to attempt to notice these types of boys. You to exception to this was at the fresh event 140, as he outfitted while the one whenever pursing Yoshiki Usui, implying one Usui is actually openly homosexual himself. Throughout the manga, not, Fisheye had a significantly less region, similar to that of a monster-of-the-time, and then he made an effort to seduce Ami as an element of this new Lifeless Moon’s arrangements.

Lover Cannon

Listed here is speculation certainly admirers on the you are able to gay/bisexual positioning among emails, by way of disease and you may innuendo, which is tend to noted in the fan canon.


Fiore’s obsession with Mamoru Chiba on the Sailor Moon Roentgen flick provides provided many admirers in conclusion one Fiore are homosexual. Ami Mizuno ideal you to Mamoru was popular with males for the source to this regarding the R film, and therefore contributed others women so you can jokingly call the lady perverted. not, it’s very possible that the brand new alien was just obsessed with Mamoru, as he is the only real buddy Fiore could ever before contemplate that have.

Live Step Zoisite

Regarding the real time-step show, Zoisite try exhibited as being defensive out-of Prince Endymion with the point regarding obsession. The guy wished to breakup Endymion and you may Peace, which the guy failed to believe. At the same time, his targeting of Sailor Venus at the girl time once the decoy princess, with his after collaborative shot with her to-break up Usagi and you can Mamoru have contributed some admirers to point both had been keen on one another.


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