Intercourse Degree (2019) Otis INFJ, Jean ENFJ, Eric ESFP, Maeve ENFP?

The fresh Haunting regarding Slope Household (2018) Hugh ISTJ, Olivia ENFP, Steven INTP, Shirley ESFJ, Theodora INFJ, Luke ISFP, Nellie INFP

Jessica Jones (2015) Jessica ISTP, Trish ENFJ, Dorothy ESTJ, Malcolm INFP, Jeri ENTJ, Killgrave ENTP, Alisa INTP/ESFJ?, Sallinger INTJ, Luke ISFP, Oscar ESFP, Erik ESTP, Tend to ESTJ, Costa ISTJ, Gillian ISFJ, Zaya INFJ

This new Legend from Korra (2012) Korra ESTP, Asami INFJ, Mako ISTP, Bolin ESFP, Tenzin ISFJ, Bumi ENFP, Kya ESFJ, Lin ISTJ, Suyin ENFJ, Opal ISFP, Jinora INTP, Ikki xNFP, Meelo ENTJ, Varrick ENTP, Zhu Li ISFJ, Kai ESFP

I happened to be in reality thinking about upload one to to your INFP’s relationship INFJ’s

Modern Relatives (2009) Phil ExFP, Clair ESTJ, Haley ESTP, Alex INTJ, Luke ENTP, Jay ISTJ, Gloria ESFJ, Manny ENFJ, Mitchell ISFJ, Speak ESFJ, Lily INFP? (just saw sporadic episodes)

Lime ‘s the The brand new Black colored (2013) Piper ENFP, Alex INTJ, Larry xSFJ, Red-colored ESTJ, Nicky ENTP, Lorna ESFJ, Boo ESTP, Pilates INFJ, Sister ESFJ, Norma ISFJ, Frieda ISTJ, Chang ISTP, Penn ENFJ, Leanne ESFJ, Angie ISFJ, Suzanne xNFP, Tasty ESFP, Poussey INFP, Cindy ESTP, Watson INTP, Alison ISTJ, Soso ESFP, Sophia ESFP, Gloria ENFJ, Daya ISFP, Aleida ESFP, Ruiz ESTJ, Flaca ExFP, Maritza ESFJ, Flores INTJ, Caputo ESFJ, Fig ENTJ, Linda ENFJ, Healy ISTJ, Luschek ENTP, Bennet ISFJ, Fischer ISFJ, Piscatella ESTJ, Wanda ESTJ, Scott ISFP, Applications ISTP?, Baxter INFP, Humphrey INTP?, Mendez ESTP

Orphan Black (2013) Sarah ESTP, Alison ESTJ, Cosima ENTP, Helena ISFP, Rachel ENTJ, Beth ISFJ, Krystal ExFJ, MK INFP, Felix ESFP, Siobhan ISTJ, Kira INFJ, Arthur ISTJ?, Donnie ESFJ, Delphine ISFJ, Scott INTP, Adele ESFP, Paul ISTP, Westmoreland INTJ, Leekie ENFP, Evie ENFJ, Ethan INxP, Susan INFJ, Ira ISFJ, Ferdinand ENTJ, Kendall ISTP, Coady ESTJ

Penny-dreadful (2014) Vanessa INFJ, Malcolm ESTJ, Ethan ISFP, Victor INTJ, Brona ESTP, John INFP, Dorian ESFP, Sembene ISxJ, Evelyn ESFJ, Hectate ENTP, Joan ISTP

Roseanne (1988) Roseanne ESTP, Dan ISTP, Jackie ENFP, Becky ESFJ, Darlene INTP, DJ ISFJ, David INFJ, Mark ISFP, Bev ESTJ

, Jackson ESTJ, Aimee ISFJ, Adam ISTP?, Mr Groff ISTJ, Ruby ESTJ?, Olivia ENFJ?, Anwar ESTP, Lily INFP, Jackob ISTP, Ola ISFP, Sean ENTP, Viv ENTJ?, Isaac INTP?, Rahim INTJ?

Steven Universe (2013) Steven ENFP, Garnet ISTP, Pearl ISTJ, Amethyst ESTP, Greg ISFP, Peridot ESTJ, Lapis ISFP, Sadie ISFJ, Lars INFP, Connie INFJ, Rose ENFP, Bluish Diamond ESFJ, Yellow Diamond ESTJ, White Diamond ENFJ, Spinel ESFP, Jasper ISTx

Complete stranger Things (2016) Joyce ENFP, Hopper ISTP, Eleven ENFJ?, Mike ESFJ, Dustin ENTP, Lucas ISTJ, Often INFJ?, Jonathan INFP, Nancy ENTJ, Steve ESFP, Max ISFP, Billy ESTP, Erica ESTJ, Robin INTP, Murray INTJ, Bob ISFJ

Superstore (2015) Amy ENFP?, Jonah ENFJ?, Dina ESTJ, Garrett ISTP, Mateo ESFJ, Glenn ISFJ, Cheyenne ESFP, Sandra IxFx, Marcus ESTP

Watchmen (2019) Angela Abar/Brother Knight ISTJ, Wade Tillman/Looking glass INFP?, Judd Crawford ESTJ, Joe Keene ENTP?, People Trieu ENTJ, Have a tendency to Reeves/Hooded Justice ENFP?, Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias INTJ, Jon Osterman/Cal Abar/Dr. Manhattan INTP, Laurie Blake/Silk Spectre II ISFP, Walter Kovacs/Rorschach INFJ, Daniel Dreiberg/Nite Owl II ISFJ, Over 50 dating app Edward Blake/The fresh new Comedian ESTP, Sally Jupiter/Cotton Spectre We ESFP (I believe that the Tv show was consistent in depiction of your own letters throughout the unique book, with the exception of Hooded Fairness; We havent spotted the film)

Westworld (2016) Dolores ENFP?, Teddy ISFJ, Maeve ENTJ, Ford INTJ, Bernard ISTJ, Elsie ESTJ, Lutz INFP?, William INFJ?, Logan ESTP

ENFPs usually have good, if the either surprising, beliefs and you will views. They tend to attempt to fool around with their societal experiences and you will associations in order to convince other people lightly (even if enthusiastically) of one’s rightness of these views; this sometimes leads to the fresh new ENFP neglecting its family relations whenever you are involved the work adjust the country.

INFP Importance

Potential Problems: Its desire for stability and you may thought leads to them taking up so much more responsibilities, and can end up in resentment and you will instability on dating. This disputes with your need to help feel or take care and attention off something while they become, that will be stifling and you can naggy.

While they will get notice a rise in its energy when sharing its information with individuals, ENFPs cannot some go with the fresh stereotypical notion of being an enthusiastic extrovert- we.age., surviving from inside the a crowd of people, long lasting thing are discussed.

Hence, the key on the development should be to test and you can talk about. This will wanted that they hop out their safe place hence, is easier to enable them to would when they’re from inside the a resourceful condition.

Fascinating post. Im today matchmaking a good INFJ however, dated a keen ENFJ in advance of this lady. Everyone loves the brand new similarities we have myself which INFJ females. Together with similarities between me additionally the ENFJ. The fresh “only” condition I experienced towards the ENFJ try one to she could be most pushy – he is very good at this – and this forced me to take out.

  • Dirty Moving (1987) Baby INFJ, Johnny ISTP

Shine (2017) Ruth INFP, Debbie ESTJ, Sam INTP, Justine ENFP?, Bash ESFJ, Cherry ISTJ, Carmen ISFJ, Rhonda ESFP, Sheila ISFP, Melanie ESTP, Tamme ENFJ?


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