Once certain proceeded lookin, it wind up back into brand new guild

Happy up coming states you to definitely even though they actually do discover exact same publication, the guy does not believe that Lucy often forgive him or her, to which Natsu reactions that he already understands that, nevertheless they still need to discover same guide to own Lucy’s benefit

Realizing the situation they written, Natsu and you will Happy cost the bookstores in the Magnolia, hoping to find a duplicate of your book. Gray and you may Erza tell the 2 troublemakers to apologize so you’re able to Lucy after they is. Before they have the risk, Lucy appears and lends Natsu and you may Pleased another publication called Miltu Fable, an effective prequel to help you Maya Forest. Naturally, Natsu do not end trembling inside the fear. Happier, who don’t end shaking too, asks the thing that makes the book so essential so you can Lucy. Lucy hesitates if you will prior to stating that the publication was a souvenir of the woman mommy, that causes the two troublemakers to-break on to rips. When Lucy states that the last part will make them destroyed tears, Natsu and you will Pleased opinion that they are currently weeping, however, Lucy generally seems to not tune in to its remark. [48]

Times later, new troubled Natsu and you can Happier turned into even more disheartened whenever Grey statements about delighted Lucy are and you can Erza statements precisely how it is actually a souvenir out-of Lucy’s late mother. Understanding that it does only harm this lady a lot more if they make an effort to mask datingranking.net/anastasiadate-review it, Natsu and you may Delighted immediately cost Lucy to help you apologize to help you this lady. However, while they are apologizing, Lucy begins to cry and you will runs aside, making several traumatized government in the pub. When you are Erza anxieties more Lucy, she claims the woman is more concerned about Natsu and Happier, all of which had been desperately wanting a comparable guide in many different metropolitan areas versus people. Just upcoming, Lucy appears. With her head held lower in front side out-of Natsu and you can Pleased, she actually starts to apologize. Men and women are mislead in what she form, however, Lucy continues to point out that she lied. Opening the lady handbag, she places the actual content, and Natsu’s and you can Happy’s surprise, it has of several duplicates of the burnt guide. Delighted asks why Lucy has too many duplicates, that Lucy responses you to she made an effort to publish the publication regarding her own pouch. She claims one to she wasn’t sleeping regarding the publication getting a souvenir of the woman mom, however, because articles of one’s book was of every stories you to their mother shared with her whenever she try more youthful. [49]

Three days violation, and you will Gray notes that Lucy have not visited the new guild for the very same length of time

Lucy upcoming states that if she heard that Natsu and you can Happy were looking the publication, she are therefore delighted it should have reviewed the woman direct. Lucy need them to look at the book and hoped which they will be most looking precisely what the guide was required to render. She up coming claims that consuming the book don’t really mean continuously, however, she wasn’t equipped to handle the reality that it lied on becoming looking for the publication. Because the Lucy will continue to admit, she begins to scream and you may states that she was never ever upset at the her or him, but rather embarrassed from the her very own creative imagination and you will pride. Natsu and Delighted attempt to peaceful Lucy off because of the informing her to beat them up to she actually is met. This simply produces their cry also more challenging, that causes Natsu and you will Happy to cry as well. Gray after that enters and you may establishes a container on to the ground, relaxing every one of them off and you will advising her or him you to both sides is at fault. Pleased after that asks precisely what the drink should be to and therefore Grey says your take in reflects what their class feels as though, which causes folk to help you laugh. With that said, Grey informs these to the best liquid and now have happy to work once more, that folk reactions happily. [50]


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