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Steven Professional, Are you currently from the Philippines? It doesn’t stink however it has the scent of a stone of the sea (hehe without a doubt that’s where they originated from). Whether it doesn’t stink would We still need to reduce it? I must say i need to get specific to possess my personal container however, We have no idea if it normally go on my personal base pebbles as the it is not fine sand thus i don’t bring people to have today. Can it survive my personal bottom gravel whether or not it’s much less good since the sand exactly what it was used as well? But I’m not sure if they’re reef secure. But I can not get a hold of such hermit crabs in your crabs webpages.

Merely two of are usually there consequently they are maybe not reef safer. The others has black colored ft having gold areas which have yellow (perhaps maroon) antennae as well as 2 bluish little antennae. Are they reef safer too? They will not purchase sign up for. Each of them have to eat one thing. It is only a point of whether i value whatever they consume. Might consume one thing they are available all over that they can eat effortlessly. If food is plentiful, they may click to find out more exit your snails alone. For many who routine an effective husbandry and do not has actually nuisance alga and you will uneaten dining every-where, the crabs will end up starving and make use of most other sufferer things. I wanted when deciding to take brand new stone plus the shrimp, however, We currently have a great banded red coral shrimp and this as i create various other shrimp of the same species they could endeavor.

It’s eg a rock farm

I did not be aware that these shrimps plus inhabit extremely low seas about just 3 foot deep. I truly need to go back indeed there as well as have specific additional stones and many invertebrates. And are usually 100 % free! I.) Thus all of the hermit crabs may not be reef safer until given properly? Villagers including care for this type of stones market these to more LFS here in new Philippines. If you don’t wish to have the challenge away from get together stones you can aquire it here. But when you wanted totally free just ensure you get your individual free of charge and additionally they don’t notice. It might be uncommon for any bodies to not have particular sorts of regulation set up.

You will find a small LFS here one sell fishes, corals, invertebrates, and you will live material

Hermit Crab Hello those who couldn’t make it to MACNA. <> One of my (saltwater) hermit crabs was upside down in his shell looks for something like a few days and now his claws are missing. It looks like he only has two legs right now and is definitely unable to move with his huge shell (he got greedy in getting a new home). What should I do with him until he can grow he claws back, which I am assuming will take a few molts at least? Would it be better if I keep him in the main tank, the sump/refugium <>, or quarantine tank?? How should I feed him, or at least he has access to food?? <> Thanks, Kim

Red Slime Algae Hi Bob, Haven’t written in quite some time. I have a case of Red Slime Algae. I’ve neglected my tank over the summer (I’ve been a bad boy) and now I’m going to remedy it through large water changes every week. I know what needs to be done, but I’ve seen claims from a few “sellers” that Red Leg Hermits eat red slime algae. Have you ever seen this? Thanks, Tony


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